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Red Box Elder Bowl


This is a handmade Red Box Elder Bowl. It features beautiful grain and incredible red flame markings. The red is a natural coloring created by the Box Elder Beetle. The Beetle attacks the tree and creates intense red stains as he munches his way through the Maple tree. He is the cousin of the Ambrosia Beetle who creates brown lines. The little black dots are where these buggers enter and exit the wood.

They leave their artwork behind while unfortunately damaging the tree. This wood is very valuable to wood turners. The markings appear magically as the wood spins on the lathe and the layers peel away. The final result offers very unique products that sell quickly at galleries and craft shows.

Notice the black lines in the Red Box Elder Bowl photo. These are Spalt Lines and a form when the decaying process is happening. They form rather quickly when the tree is on the ground and it is absorbing minerals and bacteria.

Here is another example of a Box Elder salad bowl .


All of my items are made in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. I take great pride in my work and want my customers to be 100 % satisfied when they take a piece into their home. My primary tool is the wood lathe. After I create the form on the lathe I take the piece to the workbench for secondary operations that will enhance the beauty of the piece. The techniques that I use include pyrography, carving, staining, painting and the airbrush.

Gift Ideas

Looking for a special gift for a birthday, wedding or anniversary. Every piece that I make is unique and made by me. I believe I have something for you in the website shop or Etsy. I also accept commissions if you are looking for something special.


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