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Norfolk Island Pine Vessel

Norfolk Island Pine Vessel is one of my favorite Woods. It grows in Florida and Hawaii. My first exposure to this wood was in a gallery in Southampton, New York. The gallery was full of contemporary paintings. Way in the back of the store was this incredible wood bowl on a pedestal. I never saw anything like this. As I was admiring it, the director approached me. He explains that it was made by Ron Kent an artist in Hawaii. Ron was retiring and this bowl would be an excellent investment opportunity.

My Woodturning Journey

I knew nothing about woodturning, Norfolk Island Pine or the artist Ron Kent. When the owner told me the price was $3000 the idea of making an investment swiftly fell off the cliff. However, it did give me a new and brilliant idea that for $3000 I could take some lessons and purchase the equipment and maybe make stuff like this. A few months later I found a workshop giving lessons in woodturning. Two days into the class and I was totally addicted. I left the store with a $2000 lathe and the necessary tools. Thus the addition began.

This began in 2009 and the addiction is as strong as ever. There is something special about peeling away layers of wood to reveal hidden colors, textures and forms. Take a look in my store and will see the bargain prices that I charge for Norfolk Island Pine pieces. Hurry up and make your purchases before I become famous and raise my prices. You now have an opportunity to get a beautiful bowl at a reasonable price.

Gift Ideas

If you like the Norfolk Island Pine Vessel take a look in my store.

Additional unique items are available in my Etsy shop.


I make all of my pieces in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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