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Norfolk Island Pine Bowl

I never tire of working with this wood. Every Norfolk Island Pine Bowl is unique in how it reacts to finishing. The colors and textures always offer something new. I am totally in love with this wood and it is because of this wood I am a woodturner today. Every log yields surprises with unique variations in color. The cut off branches become red knots and they look like eyes peering out of the wood. Branches grow in concentric layers so the knots line up on the same plane. This is different for other trees where the branches grow randomly.

My Journey Into Wood Turning

Norfolk Island Pine grows in Florida and Hawaii. I first saw a NIP bowl in a gallery in Southampton, New York. Way in the back of the gallery there was an incredible wooden bowl on a pedestal. As I was gazing at it, the Director approached me. He said it was by Ron Kent a retiring Hawaiian artist and that it would be an excellent investment.

Knowing nothing of woodturning I needed to know the cost. The price was $3000. The idea of making that investment was out of the question. However, I had an idea that for $3000 I would take lessons and purchase the tools so that I could make bowls like this. I found a place that gave woodturning lessons and after two days I left the store with a lathe and the necessary tools for $2000, a net savings of $1000.

This was in 2009 and the addiction is as strong as ever. There is something magical about removing layers of wood to expose the hidden form. Michelangelo said that the statue is in the stone waiting to be free.

Wood Gift ideas

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I make all of my pieces in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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