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No Sap Here


No Sap Here is a Hollow Form Spirit Vessel. The wood is walnut.  The white sapwood is covered with black texture and the dark brown color is the hardwood.  The white sapwood on this spirit form is very distracting and boring.  To make the white section darker I use pyrography which is a branding process requiring a special tool.  I leave a fine white line between the burning of the black pyrography and the natural walnut.  The size is 5 inch diameter by 2.5 inches tall.

Spirit Vessels

Spirit Bowl forms go back in time and are common in different cultures. Native Americans and people of other cultures held the belief that ancestors return to visit love ones. They need a safe place in the present world. A small opening in the vessel allows them to enter and keeps enemies out. I love this idea and will often gift a Spirit Vessel to a person who is suffering a loss.

Hollow Forms

The style of this No Sap Here vessel is a Hollow Form woodturning.  This differs from a bowl with a large opening tapering to a small base. Hollow Forms have a small hole at the top. It requires skill and practice to accomplish this. The maker cannot see the wood he is removing from inside the form. Using calipers and listening to sound patterns are indicators if things are going well. This style of turning was developed by David Ellsworth in the 1970’s. For centuries the focus of wood turning was to make utilitarian items. This form became the paradigm for a revolutionary art movement in wood turning.

Here is another example of another Spirit Form Spirit Form Vessel


I design and produce my art in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. All items are unique and handmade.


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