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Night and Day Sculpture

Night and Day Sculpture is an inspirational piece by the art of Rene Magritte. Looking from the top view you see the Day. Reverse the sculpture and the view is that of Night. If you are not familiar with the art of Magritte may I suggest that you do a little research on this Twentieth Century Surrealist Artist. The first time I saw his painting I was just out of high school and hitchhiking through Europe. There was a retrospective in a museum in Brussels paying homage to his recent passing. I was blown away with his wit, humor and play on reality and illusion.

The Process

This is a wood sculpture playing with day and night, light and darkness which are elements in many Magritte painting. I turn a funnel shape on the wood lathe. Next I draw a spiral around the piece and cut away the negative space. I then paint daylight with puffy clouds on the outside of the funnel side pointing up and a night scene with stars on the inside of the funnel pointing down. Depending on how the viewer holds the sculpture he will either see day or night. This is exactly the Day and Night illusion that Magritte creates in many of his paintings.

Personal History

Art history is very important to me and even at a young age. I remember my mother taking art classes and being able to copy Van Gogh’s Starry Night. In high school I would take the train to the NYC museums. My aunt is a fine artist and when I was expressing an interest in art she told my parents to steer me away from art. She said, “We don’t need another starving artist in the family.” Long story short I studied engineering, political science and finally design. Then it took forty years to find my footing in wood turning.


I design all my art in my New Jersey, USA studio dividing my time between the lathe and the workbench. Here is another wood sculpture featuring artists I admire.


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