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Natural Edge Oak Bowl

Oak Burl Bowl with Bark Edge

This beautiful Natural Edge Oak Bowl features a natural edge rim with the bark intact. This Natural Edge Oak Bowl has tons of character with the texture and the colors of oak burl and the bark edge. It does not get better than this for a natural edge bowl. My signature is on base.

What is Burl

Want to know more about burl? When you see a round bump on a tree that is a burl. It is most likely a place where the tree suffered insert damage or environmental damage and created a protection for itself. It is highly sought after by woodworkers because of the grain patterns offer wonderful finishing opportunities.

Catch-All Gift Ideas

If you are tired of searching for your keys and cell phone an bowl like this is the perfect catch-all for a cell phone or keys when you get home or go to sleep. All you have to remember to put the items into the bowl and life will be beautiful. An item similar to this will be perfect in your home or as a gift for that special friend. You know that wood is the 5th Anniversary Wedding Gift. Need a Birthday Gift, Housewarming Gift? If you like this Oak Burl Bowl you should check out my other bowls.

Studio Workshop

I design all items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. The primary tool I use to create my art is a Robust lathe. It is an American made machine and many Makers consider it the dream machine. I can turn a two hundred pound log down to a fifteen pound seating stool or make a small piece of jewelry. Once I have the form I still need to refine and finish it at the workbench. This will take a variety of techniques that may include pyrography, carving and staining.


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