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Natural Edge Brain Bowl


Natural Edge Brain Bowl came about because I was unhappy with the bland nature of this Poplar wood.  In order to fix it and make it more interesting I carved groove patterns on both the interior and exterior and then stained it with black leather dye. The size is approximately 11 x 9 x 7 inches.  There are many turners who will never paint wood.  They are known as “Wood Purists” and I do get grief from them for altering wood.  This is a little ridiculous on their part as wood has been painted for centuries.  For me wood is a canvas and the stuff does grow on trees. What if there are “Canvas Purists?”  That would be a lot of white paintings.  What a fun trip to a museum that would be.

Natural Edge Style

The style of this bowl is Natural Edge which is the irregular shape around the rim where the bark was located.  In the case of this bowl, the bark was along the top edge rim. My signature, Alan Adler is on the base.

Picture a bowl like this on your dining room table containing fruits like apples or oranges. It can also be a  Catch-All as a cell phone holder and jewelry keeper for placing items in when you get home.  All you have to do is remember to put the items into the bowl and your life will be easier.

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Gift Ideas

An item like this will be perfect in your home or a gift to a special friend. You know that the 5th Anniversary Wedding Gift happens to be wood.

You may also want to check out my Etsy Store.


All items on this website are from my studio in New Jersey, USA.


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