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Mother Earth Wobble Bowl

Mother Earth Wobble Bowl is my interpretation of life on earth.  There are no flat spots on the bottom of this bowl so it will wobble with a small push.   Off center turning creates asymmetric pieces that are rather interesting when done correctly. The texture is made with pyrography, power carving and the coloring is with acrylic paints.

Mother Earth Wobble Bowl bowl is a one of a kind lathe wooden bowl.  You can imagine your own story about life on the planet and the symbols you may use to tell a story.  This is a great desk item and conversation piece.  It fits the palm of your hand and will act as a stress reliever.  It will hold valuables on a nightstand and your ring if you sometimes forget where you left it.  Keep a wobble bowl near the sink if you remove your ring to wash dishes.

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Gift Ideas

If you have a moment check out other gift items in my Etsy shop.


I design all the items on this website at my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. My primary machine is the American made three horsepower Robust wood lathe.  This tool allows the flexibility to turn almost anything.  I use it to shave down a two hundred pound log down to a twenty pound seating stool.  This tool is accurate to produce wood jewelry.  After a form is complete it still requires decoration and finishing with a protective coating.  All of these processes occur at the studio bench. I may spend more time at the bench than I did making the form.  It is here that I will carve, pierce, use stain, paint and even airbrush.  The time spent finishing is what separates nice pieces from really good art.


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