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Monkey Cookie Jar


Monkey Cookie Jar is what I consider a design opportunity.  While turning a vase a knot appears with a void. Now I am stuck with a surprise flaw in the wood.  After several weeks of considering between firewood and other options I begin to sketch on it. My daughter sees a monkey and draws it out. With the addition of ears and a removable hair piece for the lid we now have a Monkey Cookie Jar.

Design Opportunity

Design opportunities are some of the most fun and rewarding projects to work on.  Initially I am on a path developing a project and then a flaw appears in the wood.  Now I have a challenge to find a solution to the surprise.  I continue to turn the vase and make a friction fitting lid.  The knot becomes a place for a black eye and making a whimsical piece.

Here is another piece with a whimsical piece with an attitude.

Studio and Gifts

I design and produce all of my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.  My time is split between making a shape on the lathe and refining the piece at the workbench. I will use a variety of techniques to decorate an item.  They may include pyrography which is a branding method, carving, piercing, airbrushing and applying a protective finish.

If you are looking for a special gift for friend or family member and do not see something of interest in my web store then take a look my Etsy Shop.  When you purchase an item from one of my stores or a gallery, you have the guarantee that you are receiving an original piece as I do not sell items from third parties.   All of my pieces have my signature on the bottom of the piece.


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