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Maple Wood Burl Bowl


Maple Wood Burl Bowl is one of the largest bowls I have made, certainly from exotic wood. You need a big home, a big table and a lot of salad salad to fill this bowl. It sold in a Long Island, New York Gallery to an architect.  The size is 22 inch diameter by 7.5 inches high.

Art Sales

The selling of art fascinates me.  The buyer is spending discretionary income that can be used to purchase many other necessities and yet the art speaks to them.  They not only bring the art home, but with it a piece of the artist.  I truly believe this.  Some of my art is in the hands of family and friends as gifts.  Some pieces sell at a craft show where I get to meet the buyer.  Other items sell on Etsy and there is a minor exchange of information about me and the collector.  The most interesting is the sale in a gallery where the sales assistant manages the sale.  I never get to know these people and find their purchases the most interesting. They are not only purchasing my art, they are taking a piece of me into their home.

Some of the most interesting blind sales are for a retiring museum director whose board gave him one of my color pencil rim bowls.  Another to a supermarket magnet who is in love with my signature pencil bowl in a gallery.  His wife told him they were downsizing and he could not have it. He purchased it anyway and took it to his office.  We became friends with a couple and when visiting their home for the first time one of my bowls was on their shelf that they had purchased a few months earlier.

Gift Ideas

Should you be looking for an interesting and special gift like Maple Wood Burl Bowl take a look in my web store.

If you still need to shop there is more check out my Etsy Shop.


I create all my items in my Montvale, New Jersey USA studio.


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