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Maple Seed Pods

Maple Seed Pods are also known as Helicopter Seeds because of the spinning motion they make falling from trees.  Or so we called them growing up in Brooklyn. They are the seeds from Maple trees. My goal is to recapture my childhood memories of these seeds spinning to the ground.  As kids we would split the seeds open and stick them on our nose.  I guess we were easy to entertain.

I get a lot of inspiration from nature and various seed pods which are often a source for exploration.  Challenging myself to recreate these wonders of Nature. To create this vase I turn a thin wall cylinder and draw the maple seed pods around the entire form. Then with a dental drill I pierce the open space.  Then I carve away the negative space to highlight the seeds and create a piece that will cast a shadow with proper lighting.  My signature is on the bottom.

The carving on this piece gave me the inspiration to make another bowl with Butterflies. Butterfly Bowl


I design and produce all my sculptures in my USA, Montvale, New Jersey studio as are all of my items.  My primary machine is the American made Robust lathe.  This tool has the power to produce a fifteen pound stool from a two hundred pound log.  It also offers the precision to make fine  wood jewelry.  Upon completion of work on the lathe most items receive secondary operations at the workbench.  Here I will employee a variety of techniques including pyrography which is branding wood with a red hot wire tip, carving, staining, painting and airbrushing or any other technique to make the piece unique.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a perfect gift check out my store on this website and if you want to see more items check out my Etsy shop.


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