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Maple Burl Wood Bowl

Maple Burl Wood Bowl features the character of Burl Wood. A Burl is that ugly bump that appears on tree trunks. Burl is in great demand because the patterns are beautiful and always exhibit unique textures and colors. I have a theory that the uglier the exterior of the wood the more beautiful will be the interior of the wood.

The grain in a Burl grows in different directions as is evident in this bowl. The grain in a tree trunk or branch grows is a straight line. Burl is not a tumor or tree cancer. A Burl may form when the tree is under stress from storm damage or insect and fungus attacks.

Gift Ideas

If you like this Maple Burl Wood Bowl take a look at some other Burl items in my store and portfolio. The most interesting Burl pieces are those that are treated with color dyes. The dyes absorb into the grain and create wonderful patterns.

Should you be ready to purchase a Burl Bowl take a look in my web store or head over to my Etsy Shop. I am certain that there will be something that will be appealing to you.


I design and produce all my products in my Montvale, New Jersey, USA studio. The wood lathe is my centerpiece tool. It allows me to achieve the form or shape of the piece I am developing. It can be a two hundred pound log that I am fashioning into a stool or a pair of wood earrings weighing less than one ounce. Once they are complete I will spend time at the studio bench refining the design. This may involve pyrography which is wood burning, or carving, staining and painting. The amount of time it takes to complete an item is not an important thing for me as I am not a production turner.


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