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Manzanita Wooden Sphere

Manzanita Wooden Sphere root burl is one of the most beautiful woods I fabricate.  It is also, the most difficult as it contains rocks and dirt will dull tools quickly. I purchase this exotic wood from a licensed California logger who harvests the wood after a wildfire has destroyed the tree.  Manzanita is a protected species as it should be.  The approximate size of this sphere is 7 inches in diameter.

Manzanita wood always has incredible character.  This Manzanita Burl Root comes from the root of the tree. Although it is physically challenging and time consuming to fabricate Manzanita, seeing the complete item makes the battle worthwhile.

Manzanita root burl is at the top of my list.  No other wood offers such organic features. At the same time Manzanita is the most difficult wood I process.  The voids are filled with rocks, sand and dirt which will quickly damage sharp tools. The battle to tame Manzanita is  exhausting, but the final results are well worth it. Wood doesn’t get much prettier than this.

Each piece turns into a struggle.  Halfway through I swear not to work with this wood again. But, when the piece is complete, the beauty of the wood speaks for itself. I think the temptation is stronger than my common sense and I will work with this wood again.

Here is another example of a Manzanita piece Age Spots

Studio Time

Manzanita Wooden Sphere as are all of the items shown here I produce in my Montvale, New Jersey studio. My primary machine is the wood lathe.  All items are original and unique. Inspiration comes from  Mother Nature, Famous Artists and Antiques.  There are many ideas and concepts in my head as well as on paper that I plan to develop. Stay tuned as there is more to come.


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