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Manzanita Relic Bowl


Manzanita Relic Bowl is a Manzanita Burl woodturning that resembles a piece that might be found at an archaeological dig. There is a slight flat spot on the side so that in rests in that position. This is an unusual shape for me. Because the raw material is expensive I had to reach out of my comfort zone to make an art piece with that was not functional. I am happy with the result and can report that Manzanita Relic Bowl quickly sold at a gallery.

Manzanita Wood

Manzanita root burl is one of the most beautiful woods I get to work with. There is no other wood that offers such organic natural features. Manzanita is probably the most difficult wood I fabricate. It contains rocks,sand, dirt, voids and sometimes strange creatures which quickly dulls cutting tools. The battle to tame Manzanita is long, but the final results are well worth it. Wood doesn’t get much prettier than this. Each piece is a struggle and I swear never to work with this wood again. However, when the piece is complete the beauty of the wood speaks for itself. I imagine the temptation is stronger than my common sense and I will do more with this wood.wood.

I purchase this exotic wood from a licensed California logger who digs up these root burls after a wildfire has destroyed an area. Manzanita is a protected species as it should be.  Here is another example of a Manzanita piece.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a special gift and do not see it in my website store there are several galleries that represent me. If you are taking a drive in NJ check out the beautiful town of Blairstown and Gallery 23.


All of the items that I make I produce in my Montvale, New Jersey studio. Each item is original and unique. Inspiration comes from many places including Nature, Master Artists and Collectables. I have many ideas in my head as well on paper that I am eager to develop. Stay tuned and enjoy the things I am sharing.


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