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Manzanita Burl Hollow Form

Manzanita Burl Hollow Form

Manzanita is a very difficult wood to process, but the results are always rewarding. Just take a  look at this photo of the Manzanita Burl Hollow Form bowl.  It is easy to understand the appeal of this wood.  The size is 8.5 diameter by 7 inches high. It is the Collection of Karen Adler.

The organic nature of Manzanita Burl lends itself to creating one of a kind art pieces like this Manzanita Burl Hollow Form. It is perhaps the most beautiful wood I am able to obtain. Every piece is unique in color, texture and character. It is really ugly in its raw form. My experience is the uglier the wood on the outside there is so much character hidden inside thus making a great final piece.

Manzanita can be very difficult to fabricate because it contains rocks and dirt that dull tools quickly. It is physically exhausting to shape Manzanita to a form by the turner. However, the results are well worth it. Every time I work with this material I curse that this is the last time. Then at completion I see the beauty in my effort.  No doubt I will continue my battle with this Manzanita.

Protected Species

The wood is a protected species and only legally available through a licenced distributor. I purchase my wood from a California logger approved to harvest Manzanita after a wildfire has destroyed a forest. The wood is expensive and highly desirable. For me, there is no other wood that yields such beautiful pieces.

       Here is another example of a Manzanita piece Manzanita Burl Bowl


I design and produce all of my work in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. Each piece starts on the lathe and is finished at the workbench with love to provide years of enjoyment.

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