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Manzanita Burl Bowl

Fabulous Wood

Nothing beats the organic nature of the art pieces that can I produce with Manzanita Burl Bowl. The Manzanita root burl is perhaps the most beautiful wood I work with. Each piece has its own unique character. In the raw form it is really ugly. I have a theory that the uglier the wood the more interesting and better looking the final piece. Manzanita is a very difficult wood to fabricate as it contains rocks, sand, dirt which dulls the tools very quickly. It is literally a physical battle to shape a Manzanita Burl Bowl, but the final results are well worth it. As I struggle with each piece I swear that I will not work with the wood again. But upon completion I see the unique beauty of the wood. There is no doubt that I will continue making art with this wood.

Protected Species

I purchase this exotic wood from a California logger who harvests Manzanita after a wildfire. Rightfully so, Manzanita is a protected species as there is a limited supply of this material. It is expensive and highly sought after. I cannot think of another wood species that yields such beautiful turned pieces.

The Manzanita Burl Bowl shown here features the challenges in working with Manzanita. There are bark inclusions and voids that become weaponized projectiles by flying off a fast spinning lathe. The rocks and dirt that are in the wood will damage sharp tools in a minute. How do I know this?

Here is another example of a Manzanita piece Manzanita Platter


I design and produce all of my work in Montvale,  New Jersey, USA. My primary machine is the wood lathe but I will use many others in the finishing process.  Every piece is made with love and finished to provide years of enjoyment.


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