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Groovy Wood Bowl


Groovy Wood Bowl is a wood turned bowl featuring multiple concentric lines in the body. The lines are recesses with food safe milk paint. These lines and paint create a texture and a sculptural depth on the bowl.

Milk Paint is a very interesting product. It is food safe and it is very durable and easy to to use. I use a powder form that I mix with warm water. Usually, I will apply several coats of different colors on top of each other in layers. Next, I sand the top layer to expose some of the underlying color. You see this effect on Colonial American furniture. Especially on chairs and table legs at the high points. This is where daily use reveals multiple layers of color.

If you like Groovy Wood Bowl here is another item displaying milk paint. Wood Bowl with Milk Paint

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a unique gift for that special person and you do not see it in my website shop then take a look in my Etsy store. You can be confident that you are purchasing an original Alan Adler item. I do not sell items from third parties.


I design all of the items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. My primary tool is the Robust Wood Lathe. This is a powerful machine with 3 HP. It is the second lathe that I own. Once an item is shaped on the lathe I take it to the studio bench where it is refined into the vision I have in my mind. I may spend more time at the bench than I did at the lathe in order to make an item that achieves my goal. Since I am not a production turner the amount of time it takes to make a piece is not important.


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