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Maggie Wood Dog Ring

I am a cat person

Maggie Wood Dog Ring for man’s best friend. We were invited to a friends home for a several day visit.  I made this ring toy for our friend’s dog.  Turned on the lathe and decorated with pyrography it was personalized for Maggie. I must admit that I am not a dog person.  I don’t like them dribbling or wiping their noses on my pants.  So, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get along with Maggie for several days.  She quickly took the ring from me, ran around the house and came back to me.  She wanted me to throw the ring for her to fetch.  We got along famously to everyone’s surprise.  She would sit with me watching TV.  I was a changed man until my son-in-law got a disgusting dribbling bull dog.  Confirmed… I don’t like dogs.

I don’t think I will be making many more Maggie Wood Dog Ring toys even though it was satisfying to see Maggie enjoying my handmade gift.  My preference is making gifts for children and watching them respond.  Whether it be a spinning top, a birthday gift like a chair or a toy jewelry box seeing the delight in a child’s eyes is enormously satisfying.

Birthday Gifts

I like to make a special item for all the grandchildren for their birthdays.  At the age of two they receive an Adirondack style chair based on their interest at the time.  There is a Fantasy Forest Chair, Tool Chair, Automobile Chair, Music Chair and Artist Chair.  You can view these in my portfolio.

Gift Ideas

If you need a special unique gift I think that you will be able to find something in my website store or my Etsy Shop.


I produce all my items in my New Jersey, USA studio working at a wood lathe and decorating and finishing at the workbench.


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