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Madrone Maroon Bowl


Madrone Maroon Bowl is a wood that exhibits tremendous movement as it dries. Fresh cut wood is a delight to work with if you are comfortable with it taking on a new shape after turning. You can see the distortion which happens a few days after turning a perfect shape on the lathe. The size is a 4 inch diameter by 3 inches tall. Here is a link to another hollow form piece Faux Antique Vessel

Madrone wood changes shape as it dries making it a perfect material for producing organic shapes. The process is to turn the wood shape and in the case of Madrone Maroon Bowl then stain the wood blue and red and fill the engraved lines with liming wax. This shape is a Hollow Form style of wood turning. It requires skill to remove the interior wood through a small opening. Using special hook shape tools the maker is unable to see into the opening and relies on measuring with calipers to remove the interior wood while maintaining a thin wall.

David Ellsworth developed this style in the 1970’s. Popular with glass blowers and ceramists, David envisioned wood in this form. The challenge is that the wood turning process removes material while ceramics and glass add material. A block of wood is static. It cannot be made larger and always gets smaller. Here is a link to

From Utility to Art Form

This technique was revolutionary making wood turning an art form. Ellsworth shares this technique with other turners. Because of his willingness to share there is a tradition that other wood turners they will share their knowledge. This is not true in the other crafts. Ask a jeweler how they make their piece and watch them clam up.


I produce all of my items in Montvale, NJ USA studio. I divide my time between the lathe and finishing at the workbench.


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