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Large Norfolk Island Bowl

This Large Norfolk Island Pine Bowl has five red branch knots. The NIP tree grows in Florida and Hawaii.  It is a rather bland wood until it receives the proper oil treatment to bring out the colors.  The process is to soak the finished piece in linseed oil for several weeks.  The wood cells absorb the oil and when the oil dries the wood is polymerized.  It becomes translucent under a bright light with a tortoise shell appearance. The red branch knots become highlighted and appear as animal eyes or funny faces.

Every Norfolk Island Pine Bowl is unique in how it reacts to finishing. The colors and textures always offer something new.  It is because of this wood I am a woodturner today. This bowl size is 9 inch diameter by 6 inches high.

My Journey Into Woodturning

The first NIP bowl I saw was in a New York gallery.  I was gazing at this bowl when the Director approached. He said it was by Ron Kent a retiring Hawaiian artist and that it would be an excellent investment.

Knowing nothing of woodturning I was curious to learn the cost. The price is $3000.  The idea of making the investment was out of the question. But, I had an idea that for $3000 I could get lessons and purchase the tools so I could make things like this.  I found a workshop giving  lessons and after two days I left with a lathe and the necessary tools for $2000.

This was in 2009  There is something magical about removing layers of wood to expose the hidden form.  Take a look in my store and will see the bargain prices that I charge for Norfolk Island Pine pieces.

Wood Gift ideas

If you like this Norfolk Island Pine Bowl take a look in my store. 

Additional unique items are available in my Etsy shop.


I make all of my pieces in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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