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Jumbo Wood Toy Jack

Concept Development

I didn’t think I could make a shape like this Jumbo Wood Toy Jack on a Lathe in one piece. The process is to change the axis three times. This opens many new opportunities. When the idea came to me to make a Giant Jack I had to figure out how to make this piece. It took several months before I found the solution to produce a multi axis piece like this. I woke up one morning and the process was clear in my head. I went to the studio and made the piece that eluded me for so long. It is also mind boggling how ideas generate and come to mind seemingly out of nowhere. The concept to make the Jumbo Wood Toy Jack was fairly easy to execute even though I never made one before. My mind knew exactly what to do. 

Multi Axis Tuning

Most woodturning is on a single axis. Meaning the wood spins between two center points. I had seen many demonstrations of multi axis turning where the turner changes the axis to an off center position. I found this a difficult concept to understand and it took time and many failures to be able to get the results I was seeking. Now that I understand the concept and have experience making unusual shapes a whole new world of sculptural opportunities are available. It is important to think outside the box in order to grow as an artist. I push myself to be open to new techniques and implement them into my art when I can.  Here is a piece I made for my Grandson Jack. With a name like Jack, I had to make this piece.

Studio and Gift Ideas

I design and produce all my art in my Montvale, New Jersey USA studio. If you would like to see more of my art visit my Etsy Shop.


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