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Jack’s Wooden Toy UFO

Jack’s Wooden Toy UFO is a birthday gift for my grandson Jack who is currently into UFO’s and space aliens. There are three components making up this wood toy. I create all pieces on a wood lathe. The base features windows from different color species of wood. It also has three wheels on the bottom for motion. By removing the lid a small alien is visible and ready to leave his spaceship.

Birthday Gifts For Grandchildren

For every birthday that a grandchild celebrates I create something in wood to honor the event. It usually relates to something that they have an interest in. It is challenging and stressful as the birthday approaches. What will I make, does it relate to their interests and do I have the skill set and tools to pull this off? I love the challenge and to see their expressions. Hope this continues for many years. It is wonderful to see the items exhibited on shelves in their rooms which brings back memories of the day. Sometimes the parents seem to borrow the item and put it on their shelves. This is what happened to the giant Lego man that never made it to Oliver’s room.

Wooden Toy Process

The design for Jack’s Wooden Toy UFO took time sketching out the idea on paper and then working in my New Jersey studio to execute the piece. The base station is on wooden wheels and the top opens for viewing the Alien. It usually takes several days to complete these birthday gifts as they are a work in progress.

If you are looking for a special gift take a look in my Store on this website or check out other items in my Etsy Shop. I do accept commissions and might consider a special gift for your loved one especially if I find the subject interesting.


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