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Jack’s Volvo Chair

Birthday Gift Chair

This is Jack’s Volvo Chair.  When a grandchild is two years of age I design a theme chair for their current interest.  Jack is car crazy so he even gets the optional leather seats.  This chair was also honored Third Place in Adirondack Furniture, Saratoga, NY.

This is the third of five chairs that I built. Jack is a gearhead.  He loves cars and trucks and can make as much noise. I fashion the components on a bandsaw and lathe. Each chair is challenging and enormous fun to make. The kids look forward to their second birthday to see what grandpa will make. I think that these chairs may become heirlooms. I see how much they love them by the placement in their rooms.

Building the Chair

Each chair takes over 40 hours to build. This is from the time I develop a concept with sketches to final assembly. It takes hours to cut, turn, sand, shape, paint and assemble the chair.  It is exciting to create these projects.  Each chair pushes me out of my comfort zone to develop new skills. The kids and parents appreciate these special gifts.

Jack’s Volvo Chair features a leather covered seat. The seat back shows a Volvo logo, same a grandma’s car. The arm supports are crank shafts that I turn on the lathe. The arms are decorated with car insignias and just below the arms are vintage headlight lenses that I found in an antique store.

Here is the link to a chair I made for my Granddaughter Charlotte. Her interest is music.

Gift Ideas

If you need a special gift for a love one take a look in my Etsy shop.


I design all of the items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  You can be confident that you are purchasing an original Alan Adler item when you buy from this site.


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