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Jack’s Birthday Garbage Can

Jack’s Birthday Garbage Can.  My Grandson Jack is into garbage trucks and this is his birthday present at 3 years old.  His very own wood garbage can. There is always the eccentric one who beats to his own drum in each family and in ours we have lovable Jack.  Jack’s Birthday Garbage Can features a lift off lid where he can store his junk.

Garbage Party

For every birthday I try to make something special for each grand kid. This was a tough one.  Couldn’t figure out what to make Jack until I was told he was having a Garbage Party.  Maybe he could pull it off with the other kids and parents as a recycling event.  That was until until a real Garbage Truck shows up for the party.  The driver let the kids climb all over his truck.  Who would think kids could be so excited over a garbage truck?  Even the girls. The things we take for granted.

Do you know how you get a garbage truck to a Birthday Party?  It is simple. You tell the driver who picks up your garbage that he is invited to your kid’s birthday party.  No gift required.  Just show up in your truck.

It is a challenge to come up with something unique and creative for five grandchildren every year. It seems that as soon as we celebrate one birthday another is around the corner. Sometimes the gift idea is easy and at other timers I struggle to the last moment. It is great fun to be able to take the 2D sketch to the workbench and complete a 3D project.

Here is a link to a wooden jewelry box tor Charlotte  Bird Jewelry Box

Gift Ideas

If you like Jack’s Birthday Garbage Can and are looking for a special gift take a look in my store. 

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I design and produce all of my items in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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