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Idea Keeper Box

Happy Birthday Oliver.  My 6 year old grandson tells his dad his head hurts because he is always thinking and has so many ideas. I made this Idea Keeper Box for his birthday so he can write down the thoughts circling around his head.

Incompletes and Brain Clutter

When I was told this story by Oliver’s dad I recalled a lesson I learned from a business consultant that incomplete items will drain your brain.  The clutter keeps you from thinking straight.  So the solution is to create a list of things to do which will get them out of your head.  Then just go about getting them done and off the list. This will relief anxiety and free your mind to focus on the next important task.

With this lesson in mind I designed the Idea Keeper Box for Oliver.  It is in the shape of a light bulb which is a cliche advertising symbol for ideas.  The box opens and inside is a pencil and sheets of paper.  I gave this box to Oliver and told him about the lesson I had learned many years ago.  He said it was a cool idea and it might work for him.  He may not use the box forever, but it will be a symbol to remind him of the lesson I shared with him when he gets anxious.

Gift ideas

I love to make gift items for the grand kids.  When they are two years old I design a chair matching their current interests.  This is Oliver’s second birthday gift.

If you are looking for a unique item for a child take a look in my etsy store.


All items on my website are handmade by me in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  Each is original and may take a few hours to several months to complete.


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