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Handmade Wood Gavel and Block

This is a handmade wood gavel and block for my Grandson Oliver. He was elected by his peers to the Fourth Grade Student Council. Due to his achievement, I have the honor to make him this multi-color gavel and block.

It is always a joy to make something special for the grandkids to celebrate an occasion or a birthday. When a grandchild turns two of age I make them a chair that reflects their current interest at the time. Here is a chair featuring a music theme for Charlotte celebrating her second birthday.

Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift for that special person in your life take a look in my store on this website or head over to my shop on Etsy for special gift items for family and children of all ages.


I design all of my items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA as is this handmade wood gavel and block. My primary tool is the wood lathe. However, to enhance a piece requires a great deal of time at the workbench to decorate the piece. I can spend more time on these secondary operations than is does to create the form. I never keep track of the hours it takes to complete a piece as it is about passion and not production. Should you purchase AATurning I guarantee it is an Alan Adler original. I do not sell any third party items.

How to Take Care of Wood Products

Keep out of direct sunlight and minimize exposure to wide swings in humidity levels

Do not wash with water, use only a damp cloth

Wax lightly with a quality food safe wax or oil and buff to restore luster. I like beeswax or walnut oil. Mineral Oil is also good.


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