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Goblets and Shot Glasses


I made this series of Goblets and Shot Glasses as an exercise to push me to make thin wall wood objects.  The goal was to have a bunch of samples to test ideas for paints, stains and other finishing techniques. All the forms are off the lathe.  Once I create a satisfactory form the piece goes to the workbench where secondary processes take place to decorate each item.

My primary tool is the wood lathe. I secure a block of wood to the lathe and while spinning at a high speed handheld cutting tools peel away layers of wood.  It is very satisfying to discover the unique qualities hidden in each piece of wood.  Once the shape is complete I sand it on the lathe.  Next the piece is goes to the workbench for decoration and finishing.  There are many methods available for decoration.  These include pyrography which is a wood burning technique that leaves a brand on the surface.  The Maker bends metal wires into various shapes to make symbols  to tell a story.  Staining, painting and airbrushing add color to the piece.


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Both stores feature the unique items that I enjoy creating.  I also accept commissions for interesting and special projects. Let me know if you are looking for something special.


All of my designs like Goblets and Shot Glasses take place in my Montvale, New Jersey studio.  Often I will devote more time decorating and finishing a piece at the workbench then the item was on the lathe.  Some of the different techniques include pyrography, carving with power tools and dental drills, paint and stains.


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