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Globe Birthday Gift for Oliver


My Grandson Oliver has a great interest in Geography and I made this Globe Birthday Gift for him. I turned the wood globe, the base and the ring on a lathe. I enjoy making special gifts for the grandchildren for their birthdays I make a special gift when they turn two years of age. At that time they get a Adirondack Style Chair reflecting their current interests. Oliver was interested in tools and this is his chair .

Wood Toys

Every culture has been making wooden toys for generations dating back to the Stone Age (2000 BC). The first toys were axes and bows for boys and dolls for girls. These were for teaching children both survival and family skills as well as entertainment. Early Egyptians created entertaining toys and playthings. Here is a link that you may find interesting.


I design and make all of my art in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. I divide my time between creating a form on the lathe and then refining it at the workbench. At the bench I employ several techniques to bring the piece to life. These include carving, piercing, staining, airbrushing, pyrography and finally finishing with a protective coating. Very often the time I spend at the bench will exceed the time at the lathe. These details consume time and make the pieces unique. Since I am not a production turner the amount of time it takes to complete a piece is not important.

Gift Ideas

If you like this Globe Birthday Gift for Oliver and are looking for a special gift take a look in my website store for interesting items. Should you not see something here then take a look at my Etsy Store. When you purchase an item from me I guarantee that you are going to receive an original handmade item. I never sell third party items.


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