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Giant Artist Paint Brushes

Giant Paint Brushes

I made these giant artist paint brushes for my artist friend Rebecca Jacoby. She is a wonderful abstract artist and a graduate of Pratt Institute. She paints on large canvases so what better than a gift of large paint brushes. Check out Rebecca’s work.

Rebecca is a big supporter of my art. She has been selling my pieces at the gallery in Philadelphia. Her background in art makes it easy for her to communicate and build trust with the buyer. I am very fortunate to have Rebecca as a friend.

If you are looking for a unique gift like the Giant Artist Paint Brushes take a look in my store under the heading Cool Stuff and Toys. I also accept commissions for special projects that you may have.

I am a package designer and for over thirty years designing and producing unique products for industry. This took me away from my roots of doing art for my own personal satisfaction. The desire to return to my art was a difficult process. Would I go back to painting, silk screening prints, ceramics or some other sculptural form?


Of course things happen when you least expect. I strolled into a gallery full of contemporary paintings. There on a pedestal was a wood bowl that captured me. It was made by an artist in Hawaii by the name of Ron Kent. I knew nothing about woodturning and the director gave me a quick education. The item was rather pricey so I thought I could learn this process and that it might be the medium I was searching for. I signed up for a two day class and was able to make a bowl and a plate. I became totally addicted. This is how my journey began. My studio is in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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