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Fragile X Bowl Donation

Fragile X Bowl Donation to the 2014 Conference for the Mind Institute and Fragile X Foundation. Notice the X markings around the body band representing the X chromosome. Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) is a genetic cause for developmental disabilities.  It is also a known genetic cause of autism. Fragile X is a genetic disorder and the cause of inherited mental impairment.  This group is a leading in research for treating Autism.  This bowl is Ambrosia Maple and the size is 12 inch diameter by 4 inches.

What is Fragile X Syndrome?

Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) is the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability.  It is also a single-gene mutation leading to autism. The clinical features of FXS range from mild emotional, sensory and learning problems.   These lead to severe intellectual disabilities and autism.

Dr. Randi Hagerman of the MIND Institute is one of the top research doctors in the world.  Her team does state of the art genetic research at the University of California at Davis.   I volunteer as a Ginny pig at the Mind Institute in their research program.  I have a gene that creates a protein showing evidence to treatments and potential cures for FXS.  It is heartbreaking to see children with limited abilities and parents desperate to help their child.

Treatments and potential cures for Fragile X Syndrome, FXTAS and Autism are under investigation. It is an honor to be able to contribute to this research with my medical history and this Fragile X Bowl Donation. I see it as a personal obligation to be a part of these scientific studies that will help families.


Very often I get inspiration from nature, Plants, Leaves and Seeds. Here the inspiration is from science and genetics. Fragile X Foundation Bowl  

Gift Ideas

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I produce all of my art in Montvale, New Jersey USA.


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