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Four Sails For Sale

Design Opportunity

Four Sails For Sale is a concept that came about as a design opportunity.  My original intention was to make a bowl with a rim around the body.  As the wood was spinning at high speed it exploded.  This is not a good thing if the maker is in the line of fire.  There are few reasons something like this can happen.  The most likely is that the turner is not paying attention and the tool catches into the wood.  Sometimes the wood has a flaw in it and the centrifugal force causes the bowl to break apart.  Let’s say this wood had a flaw.  When I recovered from the explosion I picked the pieces up from the floor. There were four main sections that when stacked reminded me of my sailboat racing days. I cleaned up the edges with a lot of carving, sanding and applying stain colors.

The  size is 7 inches by 5 inches high.  Four Sails For Sale now resides with a collector in the Midwest.

A design opportunity is when something happens and you have to alter your path.  I always have a plan on what I intend to make.  Then something happens like the bowl exploding or there is something in the wood that is not expected.  The easy choice is firewood.  I hate that path and prefer to discover an alternative solution. Here is a link to a large bowl I was working on that had a knot hole. It was no longer suitable as a bowl. Monkey Cookie Jar

Gift Ideas

If you are in the market for a unique gift idea then please take a look at Red Tulip Crafts in New Hope,  PA which represents my work.


I design and produce all my art in my Montvale, New Jersey, USA studio. 



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