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Four Commissioned Seating Stools

Commission Work

Four Commissioned Seating Stools or Plant stands turned from Ash, Cherry, Beech and Oak logs. These stools are the trial run for a commission for ten seating logs made from various wood species including Maple, Oak, Walnut, Ash, Beech and Cherry.  The customer and I made sketches of various shapes that he would like to see in his home. Each log weighs approximately 200 pounds. I thought moving the logs down the steps into the studio would kill me. Lifting them onto the lathe became possible only after purchasing an engine hoist.

Each seat features a unique shape and the wood species a specific color and texture. These Four Commissioned Seating Stools are movable seating elements as well as sculptures. This was a challenging commission due to the logistics to move the heavy logs and then mounting them on the lathe. Once on the lathe the turning became simple. It is exciting to witness the forms take hold as layers of wood peel away from the log.

Here is a link to another commission for a seating Seating Stool Furniture Commission

Gift Ideas

Should you be looking for a special gift and do not see something that you fancy in my store on this website then take a look in my Etsy Shop.


I design and produce all original items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey. USA. If you have any ideas or needs that you would like to see come to life I welcome that discussion and perhaps we can work on a commission project.  Much of my time creating pieces is spent on the lathe. A lot of time developing a concept takes place in my head and then usually a paper sketch if necessary.  After a form is complete it will go to the workbench for refinement and finishing.


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