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Flared Norfolk Island Bowl

Flared Norfolk Island Bowl features stunning colors and five red spots are from where the branches radiate. I love working with this wood for its great coloring and variations. 

The Norfolk tree grows in Florida and Hawaii.  It is a pale beige until it gets a special  treatment of linseed oil by the artist to unveil the spectacular colors.  The turned bowl soaks in linseed oil for several weeks.  Oil absorbs into the wood fibers and when it dries the wood is polymerized.. A thin wall bowl will be translucent under a bright light.  In some cases the wood will look like tortoise shell. The branch knots become red and appear as animal eyes or funny faces. 

My Journey Into Wood Turning

My first introduction to a NIP bowl was in a New York gallery.  I was looking at this bowl when the Director introduced himself. He explained to me that the bowl was made by an Hawaiian artist, Ron Kent.

I knew nothing about woodturning and was curious to learn the price. It was $3000.  I was in love, but that was not going to fly.  Then, I came up with an idea that for $3000 I could take lessons and buy the tools.  I found a wood shop that gave lessons and after two days I had my lathe and a bunch of tools for $2000.  

This was 2009 and I it was a great decision. There is magic in cutting away layers of wood and exposing the hidden bowl. 

Wood Gift ideas

If you like this Flared Norfolk Island Bowl take a look in my store for a unique item. Norfolk Island Pine Vase Face

Additional items are available in my Etsy shop.


I design all of my pieces in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.



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