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Fishes Catch The WOW Cover

Go to and see what the best wood turners are producing. Each day a group of judges choose a submission rated as Best of the Day. My submission of Fishes Catch The WOW Cover. It is a huge honor when an artist gets the Cover photo and recognition by his peers.

The WOWS is an online forum of extraordinary woodturners and artists practicing their craft and sharing ideas. Woodturners openly share ideas and techniques to help others grow their skill set. This is not the case with other crafts where the craftsman will not share their process. I have never met a woodturner refusing to share his process. It is an unwritten rule that a turner is to be open as this will help the individual and the entire craft.

Process for Assembling Turnings

Fishes Catch The WOW Cover is an idea from a workshop with Michael Hosaluk, a master craftsman with work that has the admiration of all wood turners. I think of Michael as the Picasso of wood turning. His process is to make a piece on a lathe and then proceed to the band saw and slice up the form. He then reassembles the pieces by rotating the components to take on a new shape. In the case of this fish item I turned a round fish. It should be oval in shape so I cut out a center section and glue it back together. The fin is a section from a vase that I cut and shape and then glue to the body.

If you would like to see the original posting here is the link.

Handmade Gift Items

If you have a chance to visit my Store you will see items that are not in my portfolio which will make wonderful gifts.

My New Jersey Studio

I make all of my art in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey USA.


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