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Falling Leaves Arc Sculpture

Matisse Inspired Wood Sculpture

Falling Leaves Arc Sculpture is a Matisse inspired wood sculpture. When Matisse was no longer able to hold a brush and paint he began to scissor cut paper flowers, birds, dancers and other images often found in his earlier paintings. Many of these items became collages and if you have seen photographs of his studio you will notice them pinned to the walls. Here I use his leaf designs to create Falling Leaves Arc Sculpture. I fabricated the a vase shape on the Lathe and cut a section away. Then I drew in the leaves and carved away the voids and finished with paint. My signature is on the bottom edge. Although the wood lathe is my main tool I will often spend many more hours at the studio bench refining a concept. The carving and sanding of this piece consumed many more hours than making to physical form.

Matisse Inspiration

Placed in proper lighting the shadows that the Falling Leaves Arc Sculpture casts are a delight to view. I have made many Matisse pieces as he is one of my favorite painters. His shapes are simple and elegant and no one can draw a curve as clean as he did.

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Gift Suggestions

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This is a One of a Kind piece as are all the items that I make in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.

Care for your wood art

  1. Keep out of direct sunlight and minimize exposure to wide swings in humidity levels

  2. Do not wash with water and if necessary use only a damp cloth

  3. Wax lightly with a quality food safe wax or oil and buff to restore the luster. I like beeswax, walnut oil or mineral oil.


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