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Crisscross Apple Sauce Vase

Culture Issues

Crisscross Apple Sauce Vase Inspiration for this piece is from Native American pottery.  One day playing with my four year old granddaughter I asked her to sit Indian Style for a photo. Her reply is that I should not say “Sit Indian Style” and that the correct saying is to sit “Crisscross Apple Sauce.” Therefore this is not a Native American Style Vase, but a Crisscross Apple Sauce Vase.  I am still not sure I understand why this correction is taking place in our culture.  I am very sensitive to Native American Culture and do have several Native American friends who have taught me so much. Therefore, I am very careful not to use their symbols in my art and will never use feathers as a decorative element. Still working this out and trying to be careful not to offend any culture.  

Hollow Form Style

The style of this vase is a Hollow Form.  The shape is centuries old in pottery, but relatively new in wood.  The style emerged in wood in the early 1970’s by a ceramic artist, David Ellsworth.  David’s goal is to duplicate this style in wood.  He invented hook shape tools to carve out the inside wood blind to the maker.  This was so revolutionary that wood turning which for centuries was a skill to make utilitarian pieces for food serving like bowls quickly erupted into a Art Form.  This began the major change in wood turning from a craft skill to an art form.

I took a workshop with David Ellsworth and this is a hollow form piece I made in his signature style. 

Gift Ideas

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I design and produce all my work in my Montvale, New Jersey Studio, USA.


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