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Copper Wood Vessel

Copper Wood Vessel features a coating of copper paint with oxidation making this piece look and feel like an artifact.  Somethings are not as they appear. The wood form was rather boring when the shape was complete.  It needed some decoration to give it interest. I understand that there are wood purists who object to wood not looking like wood and I am certainly not in that camp.  I think it is ridiculous that an artist would impose limitations on themselves or others.  Wood is a canvas and should be used as such.  Can you image if there was a movement of canvas purists? There would not be any paintings.  This small Maple urn is 2.5 inches wide and 3 inches high.


I enjoy being able to change the look of wood to metal.  The process is to paint an object with a paint solution of copper pigment.  When the copper paint is almost dry the Maker applies a coating of salts that will almost immediately oxidize the pigment to the green patina.  It is also. known as reactive paint.  It is a theme that I often pursue.  A viewer will pick it up believing it is metal.  When you hold this piece in your hand you would be certain it is metal. 

If you like Copper Wood Vessel here is a link to another piece where I changed the appearance Faux Antique Vessel

 Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a special gift and do not find something in my store?  Please head over to my Etsy shop.


I produce all of my items in Montvale, NJ USA studio.  With an item like this I will divide my time between the lathe and finishing at the workbench. I find that I will often spend more time refining an item than I do making the form.


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