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Copper Finish Wood Bowl

Copper Finish Wood Bowl is an Elm bowl featuring a decorative rim band.  The finish is copper with an oxidizing agent to provide an antique effect. The size is approximately 11 inch diameter by 3 high.  My signature is on the bottom.


One of my favorite decorative themes is being able to change the appearance of wood to look like metal.  t is a theme that I often pursue to make a piece of wood no longer identifiable as wood. The viewer will pick it up believing it is metal.   If you hold this piece in your hand you may be confused if the piece is wood or metal.  The process is to shape the wood form on the lathe.  Then paint it with copper and then oxidize the paint to create the patina.

I began decorating wood with paint in 2010.  It was not a common practice to paint a wood turned object back then.  There was a lot of grief bestowed on me when I would bring a piece to my club or post it on Facebook.  This came from the “Wood Purists” who believe that wood should be shown with its grain.  My response to them is that wood is a canvas and there are no rules on how an artist should use materials.

If you like Copper Finish Wood Bowl here is a link to another wood metal piece Faux Antique Vessel

Gift Ideas

If you are seeking special gift that you do not see in my store then it would probably be worthwhile to visit my Etsy Shop. 


I design and produce all my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. Although my main tool in the wood lathe, I may spend as much time at the studio bench. The additional time is doing secondary operations like carving and painting.


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