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Commission For Wood Seating

From Logs to Wood Seating Furniture

These stools are a Commission For Wood Seating. A 200 pound log rotates on a lathe at high speed. A chisel type of tool peels away layers of wood thus creating this seating furniture. It is a fun project once the log is lifted by an engine hoist and mounted on its center line. Turn the machine on and the wood begins to turn.

Sketches to Sawdust to Form

I have sketches of at least twelve different forms I am ready to make. First, I peel the bark is away as it literally turns to dust. Getting to the wood surface is the fun part. Long curls of wood peal from the log. The floor begins to build a carpet of sawdust and wood shavings. The shape I am looking for begins to appear like magic and I switch to smaller cutting tools to refine the details. Once I am happy with the form I apply sandpaper to the spinning log to smooth the surface.

If the log is “Green” meaning it was recently cut from a live tree it contains a lot of water. As the log spins, centrifugal force removes water from the log. I can feel it on my hands, see it on the tools and the wet walls. The water is in the long wood fibers and splatters all over the place. Interesting shower experience.

These are the largest and heaviest object I turn. The logs are of various species including oak, maple, sycamore, walnut and beech. The technique is the same for each. The exciting part is to see the grain and texture come alive.


I design all my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA

Gift Ideas

If you like Commission For Wood Seating and have an interest in a custom piece please drop me a note. Take a look in my store for unique gift items. and if you cannot find something there check out my Etsy Shop.


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