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Colored Pencil Bowl

This stunning food-safe Colored Pencil Bowl features an inlay of colored pencils around the top rim and the body of the bowl. I cut a recess into the top rim and glue in the color pencils. I then do the same process around the body of the bowl. The pencils are sealed in food-safe clear epoxy.

Colored Pencil Signature Piece

The colored pencils add so much character and truly make this a one of a kind wood bowl. This style is a signature piece. They are in high demand with the galleries that represent me. This bowl is now in a new home which is a source of pride for me. I put a lot of energy into creating my pieces and when they are purchased by someone who does know me it is a confirmation of my work. I feel that they are taking a piece of me into their home. This is very special for me.

This is an excellent display piece and art piece that will compliment any home decor especially one of an art collector, designer or teacher. A piece like this will be perfect in your home and make a great centerpiece.

Gift Ideas

Do you need a gift for a special person in your life? Looking for a great gift for 5th Wedding Anniversary, Teacher Gift, Artist Gift, Birthday Gift, Housewarming Gift. If you like this maple bowl with colored pencils take a look at some others with colored Pencil bowl like Airbrushed Vase. Additional items are available in my Etsy store.


All items on my website are handmade by me in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. My primary tool is the wood lathe, but I do spend as much time at the workbench refining each item. Every bowl has my signature on the base. When you purchase from me you are getting an original piece.


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