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Color Pencil Dish


The process to make this Color Pencil Dish is to line up a bunch of pencils in a mold. Then I soak them in resin until a cast block results.  Once the casting is hard I have a material that offers many opportunities to produce unique items. Sometimes it is jewelry and other times it is bowls and vases.  This block went to the lathe to create this one of a kind Color Pencil Dish. Revolving at a high speed a hand held tool cuts into the casting.  Long strings of plastic shavings began to fly as the bowl begins to take shape.  Once the outside shape is complete I reverse the part on the lathe and the interior is cut.

Colored Pencil Products

It is interesting how people respond to these color pencil pieces.  The material is colorful and seems familiar, but in the context of a bowl they do not know what it is. Most viewers are unable to identify the pencils. Ask a child what the dish is and they immediately reply color pencils.

I use this technique to make jewelry items as in Triangle Color Pencil Earrings

Gift Ideas

If you like this color pencil dish and would like to see more resin items using color pencils take a look at my etsy shop.


I design and produce all these unique items in my studio in New Jersey, USA.  Most of my time is divided between making a form on the wood lathe and then refining the item on the workbench.  I use a variety of processes including pyrography, carving, piercing and airbrushing. A frequent question is, “How long did it take you to make that?”  I do not know the amount of time it takes to make any item.  Tme is not an important factor as I do not consider myself a production artist. I set my prices as to what I think is fair. If I calculate the time I am certain I am making less than minimum wage.  Good thing that I love creating.


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