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Collaboration With Pottery Artist

Antique Store Visit

Collaboration With Pottery Artist is part of a series.  I produce forty wood bases for antique European and Asian lids from the 1700 and 1800′s. I made an unusual purchase from an antique dealer who at first was hesitant to sell them to me.  He was very skeptical that I had some of the bases and that would make the matching set rather valuable.  Just the items he was searching for years.  I explain that I am a woodturner. Then I show him my work on my cell phone and promise to create new wood bases for the lids.  He agrees to sell me eight pieces.

Returning a month later I show him what I did and ask him to pick the one he likes the best.  I offer that piece as a gift and he was rather surprised. Looking around the shop I do not see the lids that were left behind. Asking if I could purchase the remaining lids he opens a drawer where they are hiding.  We have now built trust and he basically gifts them to me with the commitment that I show him the series as it develops.  And more importantly, that I respect the work of these former artists.  The process of developing a matching wood base considering form, color and texture was a two year journey.

I have taken design license to marry the lonely lids with new bodies.  The tall vase with the dog lid is Elm whereas center one is Walnut and the one on the right is Red Box Elder.

Here is a link to some of the other pieces in the Collaboration With Pottery Artist series. Antique Lids Find New Bases

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a unique gift and do not see something in this store, perhaps you will visit my Etsy store.


I design and produce all of my items in my Montvale New Jersey USA studio.


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