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Chinese Bi Quartet

This Chinese Bi Quartet represents a series of Bi’s that you will find on exhibit in major museum collections.  They are usually stone or Jade. They begin to appear 5000-2000 BC as a ritual burial function for Royalty. There is lots of conflicting information on their purpose, but what I like best is that they represent the heavens and the sun. They ward off evil and allow passage of the spirit. Chinese Bi Quartet are all from the same maple burl with a light stain and polish. The disk sizes are approximately 3.5 inch diameter with a brass rod into an African Blackwood base.  Chinese Bi Quartet represents the ancient Chinese object aiding passage to eternity.

The Maple Burl comes from a tree my friend and I purchased from a gentleman farmer who raises llamas.  The Burl is six hundred pounds with gorgeous wood patterns hidden in layers under the bark. Instead of using this wood for utilitarian items it was dedicated to items with a higher calling like Bi’s and wood jewelry.  In modern Chinese society the Bi brings comfort to help one relax. On my trips to China I see Bi’s selling everywhere, but mostly as a necklaces.

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All Wood Art on my website is handmade by me.  When you purchase from me I guarantee that you are getting an original piece.  I do not sell any third party items.

Care for Wood Art

  1. Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid exposure to wide swings in humidity levels

  2. Do not wash with water and if necessary use only a damp cloth


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