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Captain America Wood Box

This Captain America Wood Box is a Birthday Gift for Grandson Jack. The base and lift off lid are turned on a wood lathe. Jack who is a big Captain America fan will have this keepsake box for years to come.

Decoration Process

The Captain America Wood Box lid is red, white and blue with acrylic paints. The base has a blue stain blue and with pyrography stars are on the wood. Pyrography is wood burning and unlike our experience in the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts. Remember how that Soldering Iron looking tool did not work. They gave us toys and not real tools. Today, Makers are doing illustration with quality pyrography tools. Here is a link to pyrography tools if you want to revisit that childhood experience with more success.

Here is another item that features pyrography.

My Journey

I began my journey in turning in 2009 unaware of how much I had to learn about other techniques. Many woodturners are happy just to make a bowl or a pen. My interest in turning is as an Art Form. I was the first in my club to paint and decorate wood with stains and pyrography. This was not acceptable to several senior members who consider themselves “wood purists.” How ridiculous. Wood is a material for a Maker to explore and experiment. It is a canvas. Wood is readily available and usually free or inexpensive. If they want to complain about something relevant they should take up the cause to salvage beautiful woods like cherry, oak and walnut that regularly go into the fireplace.

Gift ideas

If you are looking for a special gift please take a look in my website store or go to Etsy.


I product all my items in my studio in Montvale, NJ, USA.


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