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Bowls Grow On Trees


Bowls Grow On Trees is to show that bowls evolve by spinning a log on a lathe. A tool which looks like a chisel approaches the spinning wood and removes shavings as a shape begins to appear.


This piece is a way to demonstrate the process of how turning wood can create wonderful items.  I start with a log that I secure to a wood lathe.  As the wood begins to spin a sharp tool presses into the wood and layers peel away.  First the bark is cut away as the tool proceeds into the interior of the log revealing the grain and the natural beauty of wood. The bowl begins to appear out of the tree trunk.  

Good Company

I believe it was Michelangelo who said that his famous statute David was always in the stone and that it was up to him as an artist to free him.  My belief is that there are bowls in trees waiting for release.

The wood lathe is an ancient tool with a recorded history reaching back to the early Egyptians.  Until the mid twentieth century the primary use of a lathe was to produce utilitarian items for serving and eating food.  It was not until 1970 that wood turning began to move towards an art form.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a special gift and do not find what you are looking for take a look in the wonderful Center for Art in Wood gallery in Philadelphia that represents my work.  


I design and produce all of my items including Bowls Grow On Trees in my Montvale, NJ, USA studio.  I divide my time between working at the lathe and implementing secondary operations at the workbench. Here is another item where I attempt to tell a story with my art


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