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Bowl On Fire


Bowl On Fire. This is the natural color of Manzanita Root Burl from the West Coast.  Full of rocks and dirt, it is a brutal battle to make such a piece, but well worth it in the end.  The reward is a spectacular art object.  The size of this piece is 7 by 7 inches.

Manzanita root burl is one of the most beautiful woods I work with. I love the organic nature of the pieces that are produced. It is the most difficult wood I fabricate because it is full of rocks,sand, dirt, voids and sometimes bugs which dulls the cutting tools. Each piece is a struggle and I swear I will not work with this wood again. But, when complete I can see the beauty of the wood. There is no question that I will continue to punish myself.

I purchase this exotic wood from a licensed California logger who harvests the roots after a wild fire. It is a protected species as it should be.

Hollow Form Style

Bowl On Fire shown here in known as a Hollow Form. The opening is smaller than the body. It takes tons of practice to develop the skill set to produce a hollow form. The artist cannot see the wood he is removing from inside to produce an even wall thickness. This concept was developed by David Ellsworth in the early 1970’s. It had a profound effect on woodturning which at the time was primarily for making utilitarian items. This method created the art movement in woodturning.

Here is another example of a root burl.  Manzanita Wooden Sphere


I produce all of my items in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.  My primary tool is the wood lathe. After completing to form I will spend many hours at the workbench refining the piece.  This includes carving, pyrography, sanding and finishing.


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