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Bog Oak Wood Pieces

Bog Oak wood is the oldest and most expensive wood available. These Bog Oak Wood Pieces are from a log dating back 2000 years. Just think about that. Bog Oak is perhaps the most expensive wood in the world. The salvaging process to bring the material to market is extremely costly. Oak is typically the species that survives buried under riverbeds for thousands of years. Deprived of oxygen the wood remains intact. It absorbs minerals, turns black and becomes very dense. The carbon date on these logs can go back 5000 years. These trees were growing when Egyptians were building the Pyramids, Jesus was in Bethlehem and the Roman Empire was at its peak.

Bog Oak Material

An importer of Bog Oak asked me to test the product for turning potential. Already a successful product in furniture making and flooring we were not aware of the potential to turn. The material is difficult to fabricate. It is not solid and there are voids throughout the slabs. While turning a bowl a large fissure would appear and the bowl would break up. I found that the Bog Oak material is excellent for small items like jewelry. I think the future is questionable use for turning larger items.

If you like the Bog Oak Wood Pieces check out these bracelets which are unique in strength and color.

Wood Jewelry Gift Ideas

My jewelry features many different materials and that is why I accepted the opportunity to work with Bog Oak. You can see other Bog Oak items in my portfolio. if you are looking for unique wood jewelry take a look in my Etsy Shop.


I design all my items in my New Jersey, USA studio. I enjoy working with unique materials and have the opportunity to explore materials. My wood turning journey takes my down many different paths and I enjoy sharing my experience with you.


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