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Bird Jewelry Box

This Bird Jewelry Box is a gift for Granddaughter Charlotte. This jewelry box will serve her well. For every birthday I try to make them something special for each grand kid. This is a bandsaw jewelry box featuring of a variety of woods. The back of the bird hinges open up to reveal a storage section for storing valuable jewelry. Who would know about such a secure hiding place?

It is a challenge to come up with something unique and creative for five grandchildren every year. It seems that as soon as we celebrate one birthday another is around the corner. Sometimes the gift idea is easy and at other timers I am struggling until the last moment to make something relevant for them to enjoy. Most of the items are developed on the wood lathe as that is my go to tool. Many of these gifts require skills using other tools and I find that very a rewarding process. It is great fun to be able to take the 2D sketch to the workbench and complete a 3D project.

Here is a link to a wooden football box tor Charlotte’s sports crazy brother, Oliver

Gift Store

If you like this Bird Jewelry Box and are looking for a special gift take a look in my store.

And if you don’t see anything there I do have an Etsy Shop.


I design and produce all of my items in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My main tool is the wood lathe. Once I complete the form on the lathe I take the piece to the workbench where I may apply several technique to enhance the piece. This includes pyrography which is a wood burning process. I may carve, use stain, milk paint or an airbrush to achieve the results I seek.


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