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Assessment Test Pencils and Bullets

Remember that elementary school assessment test? We had to decide which picture was correct from a bunch of mixed up images? There was the horse with the cow body, the horse with the antlers and the anatomically correct horse. Here we have components of pencils and bullets. What is the right answer?

I made this piece, Assessment Test after visiting Newtown, CT where the horrible shooting a Sandy Hook Elementary School took place. The community reached out to my company for support with a project for their Cultural Center. Even though my visits to Newtown were several months after the tragedy it was an overwhelming experience. I meet with people whose lives were turned upside down. Their children were at school which once was considered a safe place. I could not and still do not understand why there is a lack of conviction from our government leaders to fix this problem. It should not be too difficult to make certain this never happens again.

The Challenge

It is very easy to be angry when you sit with the people who have lost so much. They are suffering and in pain for something that is preventable. My personal challenge is to channel this experience and my anger into an art piece. I chose to represent elementary school education with the perversion in society to allow such a thing to happen. Please take a look at this piece and let me know what you think. When will we get this right as a society?

My Studio

I design and produce all of my work in Montvale, NJ USA. My primary machine is the wood lathe, however I will spend a great deal of time at the workbench completing the item. This website features with several main categories, Art, Bowls, Jewelry, Cool Stuff. Take a look around and let me know what you think.


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