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Almond King Wood Sculpture

Almond King Wood Sculpture is a hollow from style. The base features texture with power carving and pyrography. The wood is Mahogany and the giant almond is 6 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide.


Credit goes to Art Liestman who taught me this technique known as the “Lost Wood Process.” The process is to glue three layers of wood. Quality wood on the outside and scrap wood is in the center which is a waste block. Now I turn the shape on the lathe. The result will be a symmetrical shape. In the case of this almond I now have a cone shape. I am looking for an oval shape to simulate an almond. The next step is to cut away the center waste block and reassemble. I glue the two outer pieces together which form the almond. The result is an oval shape rather than a round shape from typical turning methods.

Pyrography is a wood burning technique. A tool holds a red hot wire which creates brand. The shape of the wire determines the brand that will be represent in the wood. This process also works for illustration.

Hollow form is a style of woodturning where the maker removes wood from as small opening. He cannot see the wood being removed and responds to sound and caliper measurements.

The Lost Wood Process is not common, but does produce very interesting results as in this piece changing a funnel into an almond.

Inspiration and Gift Ideas

I take a lot of inspiration from nature. This Almond King Wood Sculpture and these carved seed pods are made on the lathe. Seed Pods

If you are looking for a special gift and do not see it in my store, take a look at my Etsy Shop.


I make all my items in my studio in Montvale,New Jersey, USA.


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